WA State Motorcycle Insurance Laws

Motorcycle liability insurance is not required in Washington, but it is still a good idea to cover yourself and others in case of an accident. This can be very important if you own a home or have other assets to protect from a lawsuit.


You should consider insurance for your motorcycle to protect your assets and to provide coverage if you get into an accident. Consider purchasing the same minimum amount of liability insurance as for cars:

$25,000  -  Bodily injury/death of 1 person per accident
$50,000  -  Bodily injury/death of 2 people per accident
$10,000  -  Injury or property destruction per accident

These coverages only cover property damage or bodily injury suffered by others in an accident you cause.  You may want to consider purchasing other motorcycle coverages.

(See our section on COVERAGES for more details.)

While not required by law, motorcycle insurance can protect you from being sued for costs associated with a crash.