High Value Homes Insurance

Your high-value home is unique and requires exceptional coverage

Carriage Insurance is proud to offer the most exclusive coverage for luxury homeowners.  We are an appointed agent with Chubb Personal Insurance and through Chubb and their “Masterpiece®” product for luxury homeowners, we can offer detailed choices and features not usually available in standard homeowners policies.

Homes are generally considered a high-value home when they are valued at over $750,000.  Standard homeowners insurance policies may not be the right choice for these homes.  Chubb Insurance provides coverage that is designed specifically for distinctive luxury or custom homes and their owners.  Your home is a major investment, emotionally as well as financially.  Chubb understands this and they also understand homes of all styles and ages, from century-old row homes, condominiums, apartments, and newly built residences.  Chubb’s Masterpiece® insurance policies have the flexibility necessary to properly insure affluent individuals by customizing their policies to meet their unique needs and avoiding gaps in coverage.

Chubb Insurance policies are broad enough to help repair, replace or rebuild as it was before the disaster. Not all homeowners policies provide this level of protection. 

Chubb Personal Insurance Services

Chubb’s Masterpiece® Homeowners Policy provides exceptional coverage and give you choices

Some features not usually found in other homeowners policies would include:

  • Chubb’s World-renowned claim service –Every effort is made to contact you within 6 hours of your report of loss and in most cases Chubb issues payment within 48 hours of the claim settlement.
  • Extended Replacement Cost – extends beyond policy limits without a cap.
    * Disclaimer Coverage is capped in AL, CA, FL, HI, LA, MS, SC, UT and WY.
    For WA, the extended replacement cost option is not capped.
  • Comprehensive Replacement Cost Appraisals
  • Cash-out Option
  • Rebuilding to Code
  • Temporary Living Expenses comparable to your home until you can go home again-including the cost of kenneling your pets.
  • Full Replacement Cost for Contents
  • Water Backup of Sewers and Drains
  • Deductible Waiver on covered losses greater than $50,000
  • Freedom to choose where to rebuild, chose your own contractors or to receive cash up to your policy limit.

The Value of your Homeowners Policy

Ways that Chubb Personal Insurance will help you prevent claims

It’s Personal

Chubb Appraisal

Complimentary appraisal with replacement cost of your home, along with Fire Prevention and Home Security recommendations.

The Value of an In-Home Appraisal

Experience Working for You

Chubb Wildfire Defense Services

Chubb will help you prepare before wildfires start, warn you when fires come close and contract with certified wildfire fighters to help save your home when it’s threatened.  This is complimentary for enrolled Chubb policyholders!

Wildfire Defense Overview

Masterpiece® HomeScan

Advanced technology that scans walls and ceilings with infrared waves looking for temperature variations.  Complimentary to Chubb policyholders.  HomeScan can reveal leaks, missing insulation, and faulty connections before damage is done.

Technology Working for You

Chubb Loss Prevention Specialists – can look over plans when you are about to build.

Complimentary Conservation and Preservation Advice

Referrals to the best contractors

Complimentary Identity Management Services

Chubb Property Manager Service

For second or seasonal homes in certain hurricane prone regions.

Chubb Property Manager - Lending a Helping Hand

Chubb Masterpiece® Vacation Home Policy

Most insurers only provide limited coverage for vacation homes.  Unfortunately, these getaways are more likely to have a serious loss because you may not be there to prevent the damage before it occurs.  Chubb Insurance understands this and wants to ensure that you are protected.  A Masterpiece® Vacation Homeowners Policy protects your vacation home the same way it protects a primary home and can be customized offering discounts for limited use, security patrols and takes into consideration that there are usually less personal belongings in a vacation home.  This Chubb policy offers the same comprehensive coverage, the same excellent service and claims response that makes Mastepiece® the leading insurance package for those with a lot to lose. 

In addition to the coverages included in a Mastepiece® Homeowners policy, there are additional coverages for your vacation home:

Maintenance Clauses:  Chubb’s policy does not have a minimum requirement for maintenance checks.  They trust you to take “reasonable care” of your vacation home. You will be covered when usual losses happen, like pipes freezing or damage from extreme weather.

Outbuilding Coverage: Chubb provides protection for boathouses, docks, satellite dishes and other outside structures.  These are provided with the same coverage as on a principal homeowners policy and includes the extended replacement cost.

It’s important to invest in the right insurance coverage.  Contact Carriage Insurance today and we can help you customize an insurance package for your vacation home.

The Real Deal about Vacation Home Insurance

Chubb can provide up to $50 million of Excess Liability Coverage

Chubb Insurance can provide broad excess liability coverage and limits ranging from $1 million to $50 million.  Excess liability insurance offers the higher limits you may need to cover damages for which you or members of your household may be legally responsible. An excess liability policy kicks in when the amount you must pay in a covered lawsuit exceeds the limits of liability under your primary, personal automobile or watercraft liability insurance policies.

Lawsuits could be a greater threat to your home than fire. 

Don’t lose what you’ve spent a lifetime building.
If someone gets hurt in a car accident, or slips and falls on your property, or if there is even a careless word on your teenager’s blog, you could be exposed to litigation.  An excess liability policy can protect your assets, investments and future earnings.  Broad coverage offered by Chubb Insurance includes property damage & bodily injury coverages that apply in the event that your are liable for someone being injured on your property, personal injury coverage applicable if you are accused of libel or slander, and defense costs for lawsuits.

Contact Carriage Insurance today to evaluate your existing policy or build a program that is right for you.

The Real Deal about Excess Liability Insurance

Chubb’s Valuable Articles Coverage

Owners of high-value homes often have a need for additional protection from lawsuits and extra protection for fine arts, jewelry collections, and high-valued vehicles.  A Chubb homeowners policy will automatically cover up to $5,000 for jewelry and silverware is covered up to $10,000.

If you need more coverage than this, you can add Valuable Articles Coverage and with Chubb, you will get protection for sculptures as well as have coverage for “mysterious disappearance”. 

The Real Deal About Valuable Articles Insurance

Chubb’s Valuable Articles Coverage applies anywhere in the world, without a deductible!
Chubb offers an exclusive Valuable Articles Policy to help protect your jewelry, fine art, antiques, coins, sculptures and wine collections.  You can have peace of mind knowing that your items are covered anywhere in the world.  Chubb’s policy provides “all-risk” coverage and will even cover breakage of your fragile collections, your lost possessions, your newly acquired treasures and rare artifacts and jewelry stored in a vault.  So, jewelry will be covered even if you are on vacation or if you have valuable items in your second home.  Chubb offers blanket coverage for china place settings and antique silver flatware collections and offers an agreed value feature with no deductible or depreciation.  Chubb offers liberal appraisal requirements for your valuable possessions.  You are not required to have appraisals for individual jewelry pieces valued at less than $100,000 and fine art items valued at less than $250,000.  Chubb will just need a good description and a photograph of the item along with the estimated value. Chubb provides hassle-free claim service and strives to issue payment of covered losses within 48 hours of settlement.  It’s your choice whether you want to repair or replace the item, at the merchant of your choice, or keep the cash.

Chubb can help you care for your collections with consultative and collection management services that are complimentary with a Masterpiece® Valuable Articles policy. 

Chubb’s in-house specialists can provide these complimentary services:

  • A premises survey at your home, office or off-site storage location
  • Guidance on proper storage and display conditions
  • Fire protection and security recommendations
  • General advice about preserving your collection

Additionally, Chubb can provide complimentary referrals for independent experts specializing in conservation and restoration, shipping & storage, art framing, consultation and acquisition, appraisal, fire & security prevention and collection inventory.  These professionals may also offer discounts to Chubb customers.

The Value of Insuring Your Art & Antiques with Chubb

Chubb’s Jewelry Coverage

What if your diamond engagement ring is stolen?  You may think that your homeowners policy fully protects you from the theft, damage or disappearance of jewelry.  But, the fact is even the best homeowners policy may be limited in the protection of your valuables. Limits on standard homeowners policies for jewelry range from $1,000-$5,000 plus a deductible, which would barely cover the average diamond engagement ring purchased today.

The Value of Insuring your Jewelry

A Masterpiece® Valuable Articles policy from Chubb, however, offers the broadest jewelry coverage available. With our “itemized” coverage, you can describe and value each jewelry piece on your policy. This is the amount we agree to pay you in the event of a total covered loss. You could also choose to have blanket coverage. Instead of insuring each piece individually, you could select a total or “blanket” limit of coverage. Maximum per-item limits may apply, with no deductible.

Chubb’s Five “C’s” of Jewelry Insurance
Most likely you are already familiar with the four C’s of diamonds (cut, clarity, color and carat). Like your jewelry, a Masterpiece® Valuable Articles policy from Chubb is designed to be different.

Here are the five C’s of jewelry insurance from Chubb:

1. Certainty: Our Agreed Value option essentially settles a covered total loss before it occurs. You determine up front the value of each jewelry item to be itemized on your policy. At the time of a covered total loss, you’ll get 100 percent of this value in a cash settlement, with no deductible or depreciation. In some cases, Chubb will pay up to 150 percent of the amount itemized on your policy to account for inflation.

2. Coverage: “All-risk” coverage applies for most causes of loss—including misplaced, lost or stolen items, even the earring that mysteriously disappears from your ear—all with no deductible.

3. Conditions: Chubb gives you the peace of mind to wear and enjoy your jewelry anywhere in the world, with no restrictive conditions.

4. Claims: Known for swift and equitable claim handling, Chubb provides exemplary service if your jewelry is stolen, damaged or disappears. You can report a claim anytime, day or night. We strive to issue payment within 48 hours of settlement.

5. Choice: In the event of a total covered loss, you can choose whether to repair or replace the item at the jeweler of your choice, or keep the cash. If you lose one item of an itemized pair or set, you can receive the replacement cost of the entire pair or set as your settlement—up to your coverage limits—if you provide us with the remaining piece(s). Or, you may choose to keep the remaining piece and receive the replacement cost for the lost item only.

Chubb Wine Insurance

Chubb insures your wine collections with a wine insurance package that provides the type of protection needed by serious wine collectors.  Chubb’s wine coverage is “all-risk”, so it includes a broad range of losses from fire, theft, and breakage with no deductible and worldwide coverage.  Wine coverage can be combined with other Chubb personal insurance policies so that you have one policy and one bill.  Contact Carriage Insurance today for a customized rate quote based on the size and value of your wine collection.

Download the Chubb Wine Collectors PDF

Chubb Family Protection

Chubb is the first insurer to offer family protection coverage.  Chubb’s Masterpiece® Family Protection was developed to cover certain costs if you or your loved one is a victim of a home invasion, car-jacking, road rage, child abduction or stalking threats.  This coverage applies almost anywhere in the world.  It seems like these types of crimes could not happen to you, but the unfortunate truth is that these crimes happen every day. 

The Value of Family Protection Coverage

For more information about Family Protection Insurance, please contact Carriage Insurance today.

Carriage Insurance understands the differences involved in insuring a high-value home or vacation home versus a standard homeowners policy.  We can also help you protect yourself with excess liability coverage and protect your treasured possessions with valuable articles coverage, including jewelry and wine insurance.  Last but certainly not least, Carriage Insurance can help you to protect your family from violence with family protection coverage.  We are proud to offer Chubb Personal Insurance and their Masterpiece® policies to protect you and your loved ones from all of life’s uncertainties.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment to go over your unique insurance needs.